Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review: rebuff

The first thing out of my mouth has to be my acknowledgement for the immense amount of respect I have for Nick.  He’s a well-thought, well-spoken, talented-beyond-his-years individual of whom I’m very proud to have on our team. Yet here he’s beyond his years.

Amazing_Fantasy_Vol_1_15_001I’ve got to imagine that Nick doesn’t know the story of Gwen Stacy. Or that she had children with Norman Osborn (even if half of us ignore that story). Nick’s comments to ‘Raimi’s bathtub suicide’ lead me to believe that he’s never read the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko books that paved the way for everything Peter Parker, The Amazing Spider-Man is.  Peter Parker would never graduate the way he did in the movie, in point of fact, he would probably rush across the stage with his head down.

As a Spider-Man fan I was more uncomfortable with this new movie than with the first Amazing Spider-Man. About twenty minutes or so in I actually missed some of the movie as I thought about just getting up and leaving. Not to exaggerate that moment, it was probably ten minutes later that I actually looked around to see how many people I would ‘bother’ in making my way out.

I completely agree with Nick as to the erratic pace that kept the viewer as off balance as Spider-Man himself was throughout the film. I was worried about too many villians but was pleasantly surprised that cinematically I think this is one of two moments that Sony got right with the movie. All comic book movies seem to be formulaic to me so I was thrilled that when we got to the climactic end, it wasn’t.

maxI also think that it was very unfortunate that Max Dillon is portrayed as a whack job before becoming Electro. Some of the fight scenes with Electro seemed like a scene out of a bad video game.

There were many moments that plot device just felt so pushed on me that the whole thing felt unnatural and unwelcome. All-in-all, as a Spider-Man fan, there was only one scene that I thought Sony got right. That’s really too bad because as big a fan as I am, come DVD/Blu-ray time I don’t think I want to spend money on this. I don’t want to see it, or even listen to it in the background, again.

1/10 from me. All of the potential was missed.

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