This is Joseph Fountain

Joseph Fountain was ironically born in the City of Fountains, Kansas City, within the heart of the midwest. With an uncomfortably large smile and endless optimism, Joseph Fountain is best known among his friends for being a "fountain" of ideas along with the terrible habit of pursuing every single one of them. Though at the heart of every pursuit, his hope remains on creating opportunities for all walks of life to connect while enjoying laughs along the way.

Why an American Pandemic Party Card Game?

Joseph Fountain was born on Friday the 13th. This sad fate has led to a lifetime of bad luck with the stories to prove it. From the time he was locked out of his hotel room mostly naked on his honeymoon to later being refused a photo by Harrison Ford after chasing down his rental car in the middle of Kansas - Joe has never had much luck. His bad luck has continued over the years, culminating most recently on the day of his birthday when America was declared in a national state of emergency on March 13, 2020. Plus to make matters worse, his birthday party had to be cancelled.

Joe began to feel an odd connection to the American pandemic experience besides the irony of it being on his birthday. This only grew as he poured over the endless relatable memes being generated from the bad luck experienced by so many others. These hilarious images clearly were glimpses into other's lives. Others were proving to be experiencing just as much bad luck even with such diverse life situations. Soon Joe realized that the pandemic, among the many accruing headlines of 2020, had created the opposite effect as anticipated. 

Instead of dividing us all, the bad luck being experienced by us all was now proving to be the unlikely connection shared by everyone. Even with the worst year yet, the internet was still finding ways to laugh through the pain which led to Joe finding solace and inspiration. Over the next few months, Joe began development of American Pandemic: The Party Card Game. 

 Though he is afraid of what his next birthday might bring, Joseph Fountain is excited to offer America, as well as the rest of the world, another way to connect in such divided times. American Pandemic is the perfect party game to enjoy a few extra laughs in such crazy times.

Joseph Fountain Favorites

1) Making Friends
2) Pursuing Dreams 
3) Eating Gushers 
4) Chipotle Burritos 
5) Everything Costco 
6) Eating Breakfast 
7) Coconut Gelato 
8) Traveling Anywhere 
9) Smoking BBQ​
10) Running

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